Israel’s Cyber Security

Image: Israel is known globally for its strong cyber security. A majority of cyber security events often take place in Tel Aviv, Israel. These events are usually attended by cyber security personnel from all over the world. Sometimes, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends the annual cyber security conferences. During such tech meetings, … Continue reading Israel’s Cyber Security



Hacking refers to gaining access to a network or an electronic device such as a phone or computer without the permission of the owner. Individuals bypass the security of such networks or electronic devices due to various reasons.  Some aim at destroying data or security elements to enable them to accomplish criminal activities such as … Continue reading Hacking

CyberSecurity Trends

Like any other sector, cyber security is dynamic with changes occurring day in day out. Here are some cyber security trends in the year 2019. Zero Trust Approach: It simply means companies or businesses scrutinize their networks and systems for potential cyber threats from both the external threats, which comprises of those individuals hacking remotely; … Continue reading CyberSecurity Trends

Importance of cyber security

In recent times, cyber threats have been very rampant. Essentially, everyone who used the internet is exposed to cyber crime. Hackers often get control of a company’s network and make demands which have to be met before they return control to the company. In some cases, the hackers get past security firewalls and put viruses … Continue reading Importance of cyber security

Kortana Cybersecurity Blog

Security on the internet is crucial for both companies and individuals. There have been many cases of hacks in the recent past, ranging from the hacking of personal computers to steal personal credentials including credit card passwords, to the hacking of automated teller machines to rob banks, to the hacking of servers to alter election … Continue reading Kortana Cybersecurity Blog